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Emery Financial Group is an independent financial planning firm that focuses on providing objective financial advice. We are dedicated to putting the needs and interests of our clients first. We work with you to help achieve your financial goals, whether you have just one question or want a complete financial plan.


Emery Financial Group continues to embrace this philosophy, encouraging our clients to focus on long-term investing, manage taxes, and develop diversified portfolios, utilizing the multiple levels of diversification.



We are based on the principle that education and understanding of one’s current financial situation is vital to making prudent decisions concerning one’s future financial condition.

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Our Commitment

To Be Truthful

We will commit to “telling it like it is”. Even when it doesn’t paint a rosy picture, we will make our observations as we see them and base them on what benefits you the most.
To Be Available 

We recognize the importance of maintaining communication and answering questions you have about pending financial decisions. After all, comprehensive financial planning involves more than just investments; it includes everything from analyzing debt, calculating insurance coverage, to minimizing personal and estate taxes, and planning retirement – and more. We promise to be available, when you need us, to help you make those decisions.

To Understand Your Goals 

As an integral part of your financial plan and your future, it’s important that we help you achieve your life goals. Understanding and recognizing these goals will make us better financial planners, but more importantly it will make you a happier person.

To Maintain Confidentiality

It is important to maintain all information and discussions confidentially. We feel it is important for you to know that anything you say will remain at Emery Financial Group and will not be discussed with any outside parties without your prior consent.

Our Goal

Our goal is to gain your trust as a financial planner and to work in cooperation with you to develop a long-term relationship that meets your values, expectations and lifelong goals.
 Barclay Emery
Owner, Emery Financial Group